Availability and Commitment
One advantage that our company has is that we are a family and we are available and accessible for your business and personal needs.  We work for you and are here to make sure that you understand the business aspects as well as enhance your overall understanding of the game.  Since we keep our roster small each and every client will never feel as if their needs are not being fullfield.  We are always a phone call, text, or email away.  We will always keep an open line of communication so that you will be able to focus on your career.

Our Loyalty To Our Clients
At The Union, our focus is on maximizing the opportunities to our clients, both on and off the court. We render advice. The player makes the decision. Our group consists of lawyers, certified public accountants, financial planners, tax return preparers.

A Winning Attitude
At The Union, we want to be proud of our players, both on and off the court. In turn, we strive to make our clients proud of us - by conducting ourselves professionally. We seek to represent players who are dedicated to professional excellence - and who are willing to do the work, behind the scenes, on and off the court, and who are willing  to prepare themselves for winning. We ask this of each person within our group as well. Our motto is you get out what you put in and loyalty is everything.

What We Do:
 Contract Negotiations: Agents negotiating NBA contracts receive a maximum fee of 4% from the player or less, if the player is drafted or signs a minimum contract.

There are no uniform contracts in Europe. Everything is negotiable. Within one country, no two contracts are alike. Because so many variables are at play, the involvement of a knowledgeable agent and expert legal advisors is crucial.
Our team of agents and lawyers understand the important nuances associated with each contract negotiation. Whether you are negotiating a contract in the NBA or in one of the many European countries, The Union  provides you with all the expertise you need in one place.

Whenever possible, The Union will offer its players marketing opportunities, but major endorsement opportunities in the United States are generally geared towards the super stars.
In Europe, sports' marketing is highly regulated and quite restricted. The presence of so many cultural, legal and political differences requires great sensitivity when securing endorsements.  With our partnership with one of the leading companies in International events and marketing we will be able to brand you off the court as well as prepare you for life after the sport.

The Union is prepared to render advice and provide service to our clients in every area of their professional career. We negotiate playing contracts so that our players will reap the rewards of their unique skills.  The Union has relationships with reputable companies that  provide financial planning services, so that a player will focus on achieving financial security past the end of his career. We have a marketing department that will works tirelessly to secure endorsements, community, and sponsorship opportunities for our athletes at all levels of experience.

The Union provides our clients the following services:
• Negotiation of Contracts
• Development and Updating of a Budget and Financial Plan
• Preparation of All Tax Returns
• Negotiation of Off-field Contracts, Including Product Endorsements & Appearances
• Day-to-Day Personal & Financial Assistance
• Travel and Relocating

Here at The Union we  believe our clients should focus on enhancing the skills that made them successful athletes in the first place. We provide comfort and stability to our clients, who know their off-the-field matters will be handled appropriately and professionally while they concentrate on continuing to pursue higher levels of greatness and success on and off the court or field.

Joaquinn "JOC" Arch | Agent & President of the Union
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